A Timeless Symphony of Bespoke Elegance

In the realm of bespoke tailoring, Three Buttons transcends the ordinary, crafting garments that echo not just precision, but confidence. As we embark on a journey into a new era, our commitment to delivering Singapore's epitome of premium bespoke experiences remains unwavering.

Behold our refined and elevated identity—a seamless fusion of timeless sophistication with a contemporary allure. This is not merely a visual metamorphosis; it is the embodiment of our enduring values and the hallmark of unparalleled craftsmanship.

Yet, our renaissance extends beyond aesthetics. It is a covenant to unparalleled customer service, an unwavering promise to collaborate intimately, deciphering your desires and preferences. Together, we navigate the symphony of creating your bespoke masterpiece, ensuring an experience as exceptional as the garment itself.

Whether in pursuit of a distinguished work ensemble, a sartorial statement for a special affair, or a wardrobe rejuvenation, Three Buttons stands as the sanctum of premium bespoke tailoring in Singapore. Seize the moment, elevate your style.

Reserve your consultation with Three Buttons today, and unveil a bespoke narrative tailored exclusively for you.

Bespoke Comissions

Starting from

Jacket: 1900

Vest: 650

Trouser: 400

Jeans: 450

Shirts: 350

Safari Jacket: 400

Made-to-Measure comissions

Starting from

Jacket: 1100

Vest: 400

Trouser: 250

Shirt: 180